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Unlike cars, bicycles do not have rear view mirrors. As all cyclists know, not being able to see behind you can be a very serious safety issue! That's where the wrist mirror comes in. Unlike other forms of bike mirrors, the Wrist Mirror is extremely flexible in allowing you to see behind you, while providing a vibration free view. You'll love your wrist mirror, we guarantee it!

[Innovative Design] The wristband is designed to be used as a rear view mirror when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. The Wrist Mirror is designed with a convenient, wide field of vision in order to help keep you safe on the road.

[360 degree adjustable] Simply mount your new Wrist Mirror with an adjustable elastic band to your or your children’s wrist. Also can be rotated around the wrist to find the best rear view, as well as adjustable mirror height.

[Easy on your wrist] Light weight design, and a comfortable rubber buckle prevents the wrist band from falling off while having fun on the road.

[Breathable Fabric] Made of high quality breathable materials which feel great while wearing and stays comfortable, even on those long-distance rides.

[Steady Mirror] Because the mirror is attached to high quality velcro instead of being directly attached to your bike, you get a nearly vibration free experience making it easier to view the mirror.

[Extra Pocket] There is an inside pocket where you can put bills, coins and keys.

30-Day Money Back Guaranteemoney-back icon

We know you'll love the wrist mirror, but if for whatever reason you don't we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. We will also replace any damaged items. Just send us an email at contact@mywristmirror.com and will be glad to help you out!

Customer Reviews

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DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I ordered two over six months ago and they never arrived. The company doesn't reply to emails and you cannot contact them by telephone.

A brilliant idea

This is such a simple idea, you wonder why no one has thought of it before. Wrist Mirror makes checking behind you easy and safe whilst cycling. With the mirror attached to your wrist, there are no vibrations that you get with a handlebar mounted mirror. No shaking means a clear view behind. It is also so much easier to check in the mirror than glance over your shoulder when turning. This is such a great safety aid when on a bike, I recommend it to anyone who ventures out on two wheels.

Very excited

This is a well-made product. I was excited to see it offered, because I rely heavily on the mirror I have installed into the end of my left handlebar, and wanted one I could carry with me when I rent bikes sometimes. But there is a big difference between a mirror on your wrist and one protruding from your handlebar.I love this .


This mirror is a life saver , not heavy and very useful .Highly recommended product .


I got this product and thought it was a bad mirror because it was foggy. I emailed " my wrist mirror " and they told me to take off the plastic mirror cover. Obviously I felt like an idiot. The mirror works great and should really help my wife and I. Product appears solid. Adjusts well and strap good.