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Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask
Cold weather Face Mask

Cold weather Face Mask

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Cycling in colder weather is a lot of fun, as long as you're warm. No one likes that cold neck feeling when you're out for a ride. That's where the Cycling Face Mask comes in. Just simply slip it over your head before your next ride and you'll be all set. 

[Breathable]: Not only will this face mask keep you warm on your next ride, but it allows your skin to breath with moisture wicking technology. 

[UV resistant] Not only will you be protected from the cold weather, but the back of your neck will avoid those harsh UV rays.

[Super durable] This face mask is meant to be used again and again, lasting you for many rides to come

[Super comfortable] Your face will thank you, because your skin will be warm and you can avoid that cold weather dry skin.  

[Adaptable] Not only can you use this face mask while cycling, but you can use it anywhere! Whether you're at a ski resort or just walking around town you can take it anywhere you go and stay warm. Plus, the flexible material prevents ice buildup on those snowy days!

[Guaranteed] : Our 30 day guarantee gives you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you love doing most!  

Makes a great gift!

Material: Silk

Customer Reviews

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The fabric stretches well, the elastic band is tight. The air passes with difficulty, large cracks in the nose-the air from breathing blows into the eyes. On the neck does not hold, only on the face. I wanted to close my neck and ears without covering my face-too much pressure rubber band. So only one application, or use with normal bandage. The bandana came wet, when washing the water was dark yellow, on the second wash the same, plus there were leads on the fabric (washed by hand).


It came in 3 weeks, smells a little, took in the hope that the mask does not let in air, i do not know how it will be


Excellent breathable, does not smell


Doesn't smell after first wash, very tiny but wind protected


Excellent thing, very pleasant to the touch, complete with a cover)